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Social Program


Date: Thursday, 13th, 01:40 – 02:10 p.m.
Lab-Tour: Department of High Temperature and Functional Coatings
In the department “High Temperature and Functional Coatings” layers are developed to protect materials and components against harmful attack of the environment. In the Institute of Materials Research both metallic and ceramic coatings are developed that protect metallic, ceramic, and composite materials.

DLR - Institute of Materials Research - High Temperature Coatings (

Date: Thursday, 13th, 07:00 p.m.
The "Brauhaus Früh am Dom" is a popular place for both, locals and international guests from all over the world to experience Cologne hospitality. 
Discover not only the cosiness of the traditional Cologne brewery, but also many historical pictures and furnishings from over 100 years of FRÜH gastronomy history! Enjoy a 3-course menu and various drinks such as the popular Früh Kölsch. 

The costs for the dinner are included in the workshop fee. After registration time you will get an email with the optional menus.

Date: Friday, 14th, 01:50 – 02:50 p.m
Visitor tour: Aerospace Medical Centre (AeMC)
In addition to aerospace medical tasks, the Aeromedical Centre (AeMC) focuses on operational space medicine. Routine examinations of all ESA astronauts and cosmonauts stationed in Europe on behalf of the ESA-EAC are performed annually. Non-astronautical ESA-EAC personnel stationed in Cologne are also examined at DLR as part of the annual ESA health check.

DLR - Institute of Aerospace Medicine