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Welcome to the 1st International workshop for Ultra-high Temperature Ceramics (UHTCs) at German Aerospace Center

Workshop - Ultra-high Temperature Ceramics: Challenges in applications “beyond space”

What would you do ...

...if there are materials that have a melting point above 3000 °C, a strength of ≥500 MPa, and a modulus of elasticity of ~500 GPa? What would you do if these materials have an electrical and thermal conductivity of >106 S/m and >60 W/m*K?

One group of materials that exhibit these properties are ultra-high temperature ceramics (UHTC). Their properties promoting UHTCs for various aerospace applications, such as leading edges of hypersonic vehicles. But are there other potential application areas with extreme requirements for UHTCs? What processes are suitable for scale-up in the industry? How far is computational development for UHTCs? How do those materials oxidize and what could be done to overcome the limitations? What does the carbon footprint of UHTCs even look like at all?

Find out and join us for DLR's 1st International Workshop for UHTCs and UHT-CMCs. We want to bring science and industry together to answer these questions and more. The program sessions of the workshop are:

1. Properties of UHTCs and UHT-CMCs.
2. Manufacturing and processing
3. Applications with extreme requirements

Workshop Organizers

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Dr. Ravisankar Naraparaju,
German Aerospace Center, GER
+49 2203 601 3442
KP, Bld. 51 Room 028

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M.Sc. Jan Erik Förster,
German Aerospace Center, GER
+49 2203 601 5419
KP, Bld. 51 Room 028

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